Interactives let visitors explore topics in-depth

D&D features seven large touchscreen interactives that engage visitors and let them explore the exhibit through images, videos, quizzes, timelines, animations and other digital assets.

Two 42″ touchscreens are designed to teach evolution based on the VISTA paradigm (VISTA stands for Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation, the five fundamental principles of evolutionary theory).

Visitors can drill down into each of these areas and explore DNA, natural selection, mass extinctions, and other key areas. Simple examples and stunning visuals (i.e., the mutation for blue eyes), make it easy to understand how these principles operate.

The touchscreens are a magnet for kids who love to explore through images and sounds.

The largest touchscreen is a 70″ touch table that lets visitors explore the Galapagos Islands.

All touchscreens are ADA compliant and all technology is tested and proven to withstand 24/7 usage – managing the touchscreens requires no technical knowledge or skills on the part of the host.

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