Styli let visitors engage without touching

In October and November 2020, visitors to the Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit at the Museum of Idaho were offered disposable styli to use on the touchscreen interactives.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Visitors who used the styli were given a special comment card with five statements they could rate from one to five, five being best. As of October 15, fifty-two cards had been completed and turned in.

Over 90% who tried them said the styli were easy to use and 88% said they worked great. Even the visitors who did not think they were necessary appreciated the effort to make their visit safer.

1It was easy to use.4.6292%
2It worked great!4.4288%
3It was as good as touching with a finger.4.2585%
4Glad I didn’t have to touch the exhibit screens.3.8176%
5I appreciate the added level of personal protection.4.2184%

Before the test was undertaken the interactives were reengineered so that visitors could enlarge and shrink images using a magnifying glass icon (to replace the pinch gesture). All D&D interactives are now engineered this way.

Free disposable styli to give to visitors are provided with the D&D exhibit.

Of course, the interactives are edge-to-edge glass and easy to wipe down with Chlorox or Lysol wipes (also provided!) and a hands-free hand sanitizer unit comes with each interactive.

We strive to provide an engaging, educational – and safe – visitor experience.

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