About Us

Darwin & Dinosaurs is an exhibit produced by Triebold Paleontology, Inc., one of the world’s leading paleontological companies that hunts, digs, prepares, researches, casts, mounts and sells dinosaurs. Triebold dinosaurs (and other prehistoric animals) are in hundreds of museums around the world.

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The goal of D&D is to let people see the same evidence Darwin saw and make up their own minds about evolution in general and natural selection in particular. D&D works with teachers and museums across the US to provide an exhibit that is engaging and educational.

What People Say

“If you’re looking for an exhibit with substance, look no further. The response both from kids and adults has been incredibly positive. They rave about the exhibit.”

Rod Hansen, Director Exhibits, Museum of Idaho

“Darwin & Dinosaurs is the most educational exhibit we have had at the MOSH in the seven years I have been here.”

Maria Hane, Director, Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville, FL

“Darwin & Dinosaurs was as scientifically sound, educational and interesting as a museum exhibit could get.”

Aydin Orstan, Malacologist, Carnegie Museum

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