What is the smallest space D&D can fit into?

D&D can fit into 5,000 sq ft. but not with all the dinosaurs. If you have a smaller hall and you would like to know if D&D would work, send us a floor plan and we will create a 3D digital model for you to look at. Free with no obligation. We’re happy to do it.

Has there ever been a problem with visitors because the exhibit is about evolution?

No. D&D has been to several places that are considered to be very conservative (Jacksonville, Kansas City), and has never had a problem. Research shows that the vast majority of visitors to natural history museums and science centers already believe in evolution or are open to learning about it.

Click here to download a special report on exhibits on evolution from the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE).

Can D&D be booked outside the United States?

Yes. The prices, however, would be higher to reflect higher shipping and handling charges. If you are interested in hosting D&D outside the U.S., contact us and we can give you a quote. The minimum booking outside the U.S. is six (6) months.

Is D&D available in other languages?

At this time D&D is only available in English (signs, labels, interactives, etc.).

Has D&D been reviewed and approved by experts?

Yes. D&D has been reviewed and approved by a number of internationally recognized experts including Dr. Paul Sereno, Chicago University; Dr. Norman MacLeod, Natural History Museum, London; and Dr. John van Whye, University of Singapore. Numerous other experts have been consulted on specific topics.

Who owns and operates Darwin & Dinosaurs?

D&D is a production of Embedded Exhibitions, a division of Triebold Paleontology, Inc. (trieboldpaleontology.com). TPI is one of the world’s leading paleontology companies which hunts, digs, prepares, casts and mounts dinosaurs and other extinct animals including pterosaurs, fish and marine reptiles. Most of the dinosaurs in D&D were found, cast and mounted by TPI.

Click here to see the TPI client list.

Does Embedded Exhibitions offer other traveling exhibits?

Yes: Savage Ancient Seas (SAS) which focuses on marine life during the Late Cretaceous Period.

Embedded exhibitions offers only two traveling exhibits (D&D and SAS) based on their own discoveries. Both are deep, interactive experiences designed to encourage visitors to explore, discover and learn.

Is D&D really fixed-cost? Are there any other costs?

There are no other costs. The monthly rental is the only charge. Period.

Who creates the content for D&D Interactives?

D&D creates all of its own digital content and secures the appropriate permissions to use copyrighted images where needed.

Can I buy the interactives for my museum or science center?

Yes, you can. D&D interactives can be purchased individually. You can also buy the Hungry Birds game.

Click here to see pricing for the interactives and Hungry Birds.

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