Visitor Feedback

Visitor Feedback

D&D places a comment box at the exit of the exhibit to get feedback from visitors. Hundreds of visitors have completed the cards and the results speak for themselves: The overall average score is 4.4 of 5.

The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida, hosted the Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit from May 27, 2016 to September 5, 2016.

A net 127 cards contained usable visitor feedback. This equates to approximately 2.6 cards per day (for the 48 days the box was in place).

There were a total of ten (10) statements on the Comment Card, with a rating scale of one to five, with five being the highest (agree the most).

The overall average score was 4.4 out of 5, or 88%. All statements averaged >4.

Table 1: Questions & Scores

Question Responses Avg Score
1 I found the exhibit educational 124 4.4
2 I liked the touchscreens 124 4.4
3 I like the Hungry Birds game 116 4.5
4 I would recommend D&D 116 4.1
5 I would recommend the MOSH 123 4.6
6 I would come back again 122 4.5
7 The exhibit was fun & engaging 121 4.3
8 I learned a lot about evolution 118 4.1
9 My kids loved it 90 4.2
10 I hope the MOSH has more exhibits like this. 117 4.3
All 1,171 4.4

Note that not all questions were rated on all cards. For example, in many cases question #9 was not scored because the visitor was an adult without children present.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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