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The Science Advisor to Viruses is Dr. Lynn W. Enquist, Henry L. Hillman Professor of Microbiology at Princeton University.

3D Walkthrough

It's like you're there!

Walk through the Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit on your phone or PC! See the dinosaurs, interactives and incredible artifacts.


Styli let visitors engage without touching

In October and November 2020, visitors to the Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit at the Museum of Idaho were offered disposable styli to use on the touchscreen interactives. The results were overwhelmingly positive...


Meet the dinosaurs (and pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, birds, etc.)

D&D includes eighteen (18) complete skeletons and a number of partial skeletons. Many are posed in dynamic scenes.


Interactives let visitors explore in-depth

D&D features seven large touchscreen interactives that engage visitors and let them explore the exhibit through images, videos, quizzes, timelines, animations and other digital assets.

Hungry Birds

Giant video game

Hungry Birds is a fun, fast-paced game that teaches natural selection. Played on a 12 ft by 7 ft touchscreen wall, it's a magnet for kids. Recommended by the NSTA.

Galapagos Islands

Wildlife, geology and evolution

An entire section on the Galapagos Islands, featuring maps, videos, models and a 70" touchtable where visitors can learn about the wildlife and see what Darwin saw that led him to the theory of natural selection.


Fascinating artifacts

Eighteen display cases feature dozens of artifacts related to Darwin's life and work, including scientific instruments, maps, models, reviews, letters and first editions of Darwin's major works.

Mary Anning

She sells sea shells by the seashore

A special section on Mary Anning that features her discoveries and the contributions she made to science.

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