Exhibit Suport

To ensure a successful run, D&D supports its customers with lesson plans, tour scripts and other resources.

Tour Script. A 45 minute script is included which can be tuned to the specific layout of the host exhibit. It provides a framework for tour guides/docents, highlighting important and interesting features of the exhibit and ensuring visitors get the most out of their experience.

Click here to download a pdf of the generic script.

Media Support. In addition to images and logos, D&D curators are happy to meet with local media during setup to help promote the exhibit. D&D staff have appeared on TV shows, conducted onsite interviews and spoken at exhibit openings.

Click here to see a TV interview on a local Fox News station in Florida.

Click here to see an onsite tour of the exhibit.

Comment Box. D&D places a Comment Box at the exhibit exit. After the exhibit, D&D staff tabulate the results and issue a report so that host museums can see how the exhibit was received. (To date ā€“ with hundreds of comment cards tabulated ā€“ the overall average score is 4.4. out of 5, or 88%.)

Click here to download a pdf of the report on the Jacksonville run.

Report on the Exhibits on Evolution. D&D has never had a problem with visitors challenging evolution or the exhibit and research shows that the vast majority of visitors to natural history museums and science centers already believe in evolution or are open to learning about it.

Click here to download a special report on exhibits on evolution from the Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE).

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