3D Walkthrough

It’s like you’re there!

Now you can walk through the Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit on your phone or PC! The perfect way to get a good look at the exhibit without flying across the country to see it.

Works on a phone or PC. Just click on this link: Darwin & Dinosaurs 3D.

Throughout the exhibit there are blue markers that provide more detail and the red ones feature a short 30 second video.

Don’t forget to go the second floor – you can jump up there by clicking on the second floor area.

You can get up close and look right into the display cases or see how the interactives work by watching a short video.

We want to thank the staff at the Museum of Idaho for helping us create this wonderful model of the exhibit.

You can download the pdf below to get details on the exhibit including pricing, visitor feedback and details on the dinosaurs, artifacts and interatives.

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