Fascinating artifacts Eighteen display cases feature dozens of artifacts related to Darwin’s life and work, including scientific instruments, maps, models, reviews, letters and first editions of Darwin’s major works. Highlights include a model of HMS Beagle built by a master ship modeler based on the original British Admiralty plans, first editions by Darwin and hisContinue reading Artifacts


Interactives let visitors explore topics in-depth D&D features seven large touchscreen interactives that engage visitors and let them explore evolution through images, videos, quizzes, timelines, animations and other digital assets. There are six 42″ touchscreens like the ones in the photo below. VISTA VISTA stands for Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation, the five fundamentalContinue reading “Interactives”


Meet the dinosaurs (and pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, birds, etc.) D&D includes eighteen (18) complete skeletons and a number of partial skeletons. Many are posed in dynamic scenes. Scene 1: Albertosaurus attacking a juvenile ceratopsian (2 dinosaurs). This realistic scene shows a full-grown Albertosaurus attacking a juvenile ceratopsian (horned dinosaur). Although an adult ceratopsian might be too much forContinue reading “Dinosaurs”